I have always had a strange relationship with time. Moments fleeting leave me yearning for any sort of pause. I so often feel as if I am running out of time - for tasks, for feelings, for existence. In this series I decided to create three self portraits using three different forms of printmaking in attempt to pause time. From left to right they are, woodblock, screen print, and linocut. I began by using a scanner and pressed my face and hands against it to create a reference image. I wanted to have my face pushed up against the glass to symbolize being stuck in order to imply that I am creating a moment stuck in time. In most forms of printmaking, a mirror image of what you create is the product. To me, this connects with the idea of scanning my face and having a mirrored image to use as my reference image. With all of the flipping and mirroring, there is a sense of irony created because the moment isn’t truly captured in time. The moment has been altered, which illustrates that there truly isn’t any pause on life.

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